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Face Gym

Toning and Sculpting Face Massage- no lycra needed! 60 mins £35

The London Evening Standard reviewed my FaceGym facial as part of their 'Tried & Tested' series.

Click here to read the review. I am offering this here in Retford, same facial, same effective, just without the Harley Street price tag!

Singers / Public Speakers

Laryngeal Massage 60 mins £40

This massage is targeted at anyone who uses their voice.

The treatment works specifically on the larynx area but

also incorporates, the rib cage- gently stretching the

intercostal muscles and also diaphragm techniques.

The goal is to give the area a workout to aid muscle toning

and strengthening as well as relaxing any tension and promoting a longer career life for the those using their voice.

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