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Initial Consultation & Treatment

£50 (60 mins)

The initial consultation involves:

  • A detailed case history about you and your presenting issue

  • Examination

  • Treatment

Further details about the first appointment and what to expect can be found here

Follow up Sessions

£35 (30 mins)

Extended Appointment

£50 (60 mins)

How many appointments will I need?

Your treatment plan is based on your individual requirements and will be fully discussed at the first appointment. The average plan is usually: The initial consultation and treatment, with 2 follow up appointments. Some people opt to have periodic maintenance appointments throughout the year.

What to expect


During your first appointment I will take a detailed case history and then examine you. The examination may involve asking you to move, along with tests of your muscles, nerves and joints to determine the exact cause of your pain. 

Your treatment plan will be fully discussed with you. If the nature of your presenting issue is not within the scope of osteopathic techniques then I can refer you back to your GP or signpost other healthcare practitioners for further investigation.


Treatment may involve any or all of the following once a diagnosis has been established:

  • Massage

  • Mobilisation

  • Manipulation

  • Exercise Plan

Please note you may be asked to undress to underwear during the session.  Your comfort is the most important aspect, so please bring shorts or wear leggings or loose clothing, if you prefer.

Following treatment some people do experience slight soreness.

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